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Fire Extinguisher

Modular Automatic Fire Extinguishers

A SYSTEM THAT ACTS BEFORE WE DO OPERATION : BLOT FIRE MODULAR type fire extinguisher is designed to be operative, automatically. The unit is a stored pressure type with a mixture of ABC dry powder and dry nitrogen. as soon as fire reaches the specified temperature under it, the glass bulb shatters allowing the content to be released as a mist to cover a wide area.

Blot Fire puts out the fire before you get an alert.
Blot Fire does not release masses masses of extinguishing agent, but a sufficiently designed quantity, directly at the source of fire and requires less quantity.
Fire detection does not need any external energy. This makes it cost effective as no electric installation / wiring is required. Always operative even during energy break down.
No malfunction possible and no false alarms.
Simple design which is inexpensive to install.
Readiness for use is simply indicated by a pressure gauge on the extinguisher.
The price performance relationship is cost effective.

Extinguishing Agents / contents ABC Dry Powder
Can Construction Mildsteel Mildsteel Mildsteel
Capacity (Kg.) 5 10 15
Automatic activation temperature (Centrigrade) 68oC 68oC 68oC
Max Volume Protected (cubic feet) 324 648 1072
Height(mm) 230 260 260
DIA(mm) 230 300 400
Gross weight (kg.) 8 15 22
Test Pressure(kg/cm2) 30 30 30
Super charge Pressure (kg/cm2) 15 15 15
Discharge time (sec) 8 10 12